Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Project 5000

On 23 May 2011 I was asked by the Arcturians to start work on Project 5000 at http://www.ask-aliens.com.

The Arcturians are beings from the Arcturus system, which is approximately 36 light years from Earth. These beings exist mainly in the fifth dimension, but can communicate with us telepathically, often in meditation. Edgar Cayce wrote of them as the most advanced civilisation in our galaxy, they appear in the Bible as Elohim and in the Keys of Enoch as the Watchers, and they are here with us now assisting the Earth's transition and what they describe as its transcendental awakening.

Commencing in mid-June 2011, the Arcturians will be providing answers to 5000 submitted questions from individuals all over the world. A full online archive of their channeled communications will be available at www-ask-aliens.com and the Arcturians will also be available for healings.

The Arcturians cordially invite you to participate in this Project.

Contact has begun .... Richard