Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Arcturians: How do we travel?

We are the Arcturians. We have been asked, How are you able to travel here from Arcturus?

When you look up into the stars at night, you are seeing the manifestation of a three-dimensional universe through 3D eyes. Everywhere, at every point in the 3D universe, there are significantly more than the three dimensions which your eyes can see. So, when you look up into the sky at the star Arcturus, you are seeing light that was projected from one point in the 3D universe approximately 36 light years ago. But, from our perspective, here with you now, we can choose to look into your same night sky and see that light projection from Arcturus in 3D, yet our natural focus is on the fifth-dimensional star Arcturus and the 5D universe. We are primarily inhabitants of the fifth density, with different perspectives on space and time. Space and time prove significant obstacles for third density bodies, but from our fifth dimensional perspective those limits are somewhat relaxed (laughter). In energetic form our consciousness is less physically impeded. We are quite literally able to travel via thought.

Why have you come to Earth at this time?

Earth has never been far from our thoughts, but we can say that there is a special intensity at this time. In the course of human history there have always been individuals who have reached states of transcendence, and left records of their methods, but never before has the opportunity for transcendental awakening on such a large scale occurred. This opportunity is visible to us as energy – and it is everywhere. It is all around you, all the time. And it is steadily increasing as a direct result of human free will. We welcome this opportunity and the benefits it will bring, yet also acknowledge the difficulty of change. We come here in service to all those who are awakening and call for our help.

More tomorrow: Blessings to all beings -