Sunday, 19 June 2011

Disease Cannot Exist in High Vibration Tissue

In his book, The Essential Beginnings, Dr Gary Young tells how he worked with Washington State University and an electronics instruments company in Seattle to develop an electronic instrument that could measure the electrical frequency of individual cells.

He measured the frequency of the cells in the bodies of patients at his medical practice and correlated the measurements with whatever ailments they had. From this he was able to determine that the normal healthy range of the human body is 62-68 Hertz. At this level and above, nobody had any ailments at all. 

Everyone who had a common cold had a cellular frequency of 58Hz or less; for flu it was 57 Hz or less; candida symptoms began to appear at 55 Hz, for Epstein Barr virus it was 52 Hz. 

Everyone he measured who had some form of cancer had a cellular frequency of 42 Hz or less. Clearly, high frequency cells correspond with better health and ideally everyone should strive for a frequency of at least 62 Hz. 

Normal brain wave frequency 72-78 Hz
Visionary Range 120 Hz
Neck down 62-68 Hz
Disease begins 58 Hz
Flu invades the body 57 Hz
More serious problems come 55 Hz  (Candida)
Tissue breaks down from disease 48 Hz
Cancer can set in 42 Hz
Death is at 20 Hz

Distilled water with 2 drops peppermint = 78 Hz
Tap water is 32 Hz
Canned food is between 0 to 15 Hz
Dry herbs from 12-22 Hz
Fresh produce from 15 to 22 Hz
Fresh herbs from 20-27 Hz
Essential Oils from 47 Hz - 320 Hz, the frequency of rose oil
Frankincense = 147 Hz, also known as the Love Frequency.

One aspect of this study measured the influence that thoughts have on the body's electrical frequency. Negative thoughts lowered the measured frequency by 12 Hz and positive thoughts raised the measured frequency by 10 Hz. It was also found that prayer and meditation increased the measured frequency levels by 15 Hz and higher.