Monday, 27 June 2011

Arcturians: Response on Planet X

Last week, the Arcturians said that they would comment on the letter reproduced below from a Norwegian politician. Here is an extract from their response:

"The activity that you have identified in Norway could be described as unspecified contingency planning, it is certainly not active planning for a known event. This is the same kind of unspecified contingency planning that is happening elsewhere on your planet, particularly the United States, and Norway's close relationship with the United States is well known.

We can say with absolute certainty that at this time the underground facilities in Norway are not designed to accommodate the 2,000,000 people stated, nor do the Norwegian authorities/military have the current capability to administer such extensive facilities.

In parts of the original letter that was posted, the author mentioned seeing and traveling on high-velocity underground trains powered by blue crystals.  We know of no crystals manifest in 3D reality which can produce such effects."