Monday, 25 July 2011

Arcturians on Service-to-Others

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

This week’s winner was Faiza. Faiza asked:

"How can I establish communication with you and other higher vibrational beings so that I may learn to be more connected with source and be of service to not only humans but all beings?"

We are the Arcturians and we want to thank you for asking us this question, which allows us to answer in two parts.

The motivation of service-to-others is one of the most important subjects on which we can speak. If it were possible, at this very moment, to exchange every act of service-to-self currently being initiated for one of service-to-others the result would be an immediate evolutionary leap forward for humanity and consequently its stewardship of Earth. By saying this, we wish to draw attention to the difference between acts of service-to-others and the motivation which causes them. Everything stems from its motivation, the intent which brings it into being. In the example we have given, intent is the real engine of rapid evolutionary growth, not the individual acts of service, which are the results. So, the first part of our answer is to encourage you to focus on the motivation of service-to-others, and not simply in thought or as a series of thoughts. What we really want to ask you to consider is to try to feel your thoughts.

By feeling your thoughts, by learning to recognize the different vibrations that accompany focused meditation on thoughts of Love, Joy and Gratitude, for example, it will follow that your natural sensitivity to all physical vibration is increased. In the beginning, as you invite in feelings of Love, Joy and Gratitude, ask yourself which vibration is the highest? Which is the easiest to feel? Where in your body is the most sensitive location? Start to feel the differences in vibration of Love, Joy and Gratitude on a daily basis if you can and as your sensitivity adjusts you will notice that your capacity to attract and hold these vibrations is increased. Expand in this way and you will also start to notice the subtleties of your rediscovered sensitivity in all situations, not only meditation.

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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Arcturians: The Tipping Point of Transcendence

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

The winner this week was Tania. Tania asked:

“Is there going to be a redistribution of wealth on the planet (in 2011) by the governments, giving everyone an equal amount of money?”

We are the Arcturians. Thank you for this question. We would like to answer by saying that it would only be through expansion of consciousness on a planetary scale that such an action would be possible or effective. Planetary economic harmony by its very nature is not a condition that can be superimposed; any intervention from outside the Earth plane would not be in accordance with either the principle of free will or the other divine principles. Therefore progression towards an harmonic planetary economy in balance with the needs of all its participants will necessarily be at the rate at which planetary consciousness expands. By this we also mean the rate at which individual consciousness expands, because each individual who is finding their consciousness expanding is contributing to a subtly networked expansion in planetary consciousness.

There is a point in the evolution of planetary consciousness where motivations of service-to-self are automatically overridden by motivations of service-to-others with such frequency that Oneness – the continual experience of Oneness – is not only everyday reality, but the reverse is impossible. You could call this the tipping point of transcendence. As the tipping point of transcendence approaches, so will planetary economic harmony naturally arise.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Arcturians on Niburu

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

The winner this week was Milan. Milan asked:

"I am truly conflicted at the prospect of going to college at the moment. With all of the changes ramping up (Nibiru, etc) is it still wise to continue with school and the like? Or seek another path?”

We are the Arcturians. Thank you for this question. We understand that there is much conflicting information circulating at present, so we want to use this opportunity to speak clearly on the subject of Niburu and other perceived threats to the stability of your planetary ecosystem. Earth has been around a long time – and will survive a long time more! Earth is in no more immediate danger now than it has ever been from objects travelling towards it from outside its atmospheric system, the only exception to this comes from objects outside of its atmospheric system which have been placed there by the free will of Earth’s nations in the past. Will Earth survive through the period of Niburu, 2012 and the other scenarios which are circulating now?

Yes, we say to you that it will and that the shift into experiencing higher dimensions of existence which many of you are conscious of at this time is actually a shift which is full of great beauty! Consider for a moment that the fifth-dimensional Earth is already in existence, and that this has always been the case. Fifth-dimensional Earth is not something which is being created now! All dimensions have always coexisted! What is happening at this time is that many of you are asking questions about this coexistence which can only ever be resolved by releasing fear. You alone must choose to release your own layers of fear in order to reexperience yourself as you really are – in wonder! Releasing fear always, always results in expansion. So we say to you, whatever choice you make please make it the one that you believe gives you the greatest opportunity to expand!

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Sunday, 10 July 2011

Message from the Arcturians, 10 July 2011

We are the Arcturians. We meet you in your heartspace now and ask that you rest a while.

There is so much, so much information at this time. More information than you have ever had available to you before. There is a deluge of information – sometimes we think of it in this way!

No information is wrong information, it all gets you closer to the truth of your own truth in some way. And part of that truth is that you know your own truth already – because when you know truth you are recognizing how it resonates!

Be kinder, gentler with yourselves! Go with the vibration!

If you are resonating with the truth when you recognize it then you know the truth already, do you see?!

Where inside you is that truth, where is it located? Everywhere! And everywhere outside too. It is everywhere. It is everything in existence!

Follow the vibration of truth when you feel it, follow your intuition. Focus on the feeling and it will increase. The feeling will magnetically attract the information, do you see?! Information does have the potential to deluge you if you allow it (laughter) whereas living in the vibration automatically attracts the information most necessary to you at that moment. Continually!

We are the Arcturians, working with you here on a higher vibrational frequency than your eyes can see, we are meeting with you across dimensions, many of you are becoming bridges across dimensions. As you bridge to the fifth dimension you are becoming radiant! Your radiance is wonderful to see! 

Through 10 July 2011

Friday, 8 July 2011

Arcturians on DNA

"I have heard that I will not be able to ascend fully until my DNA has been repaired. Is this true?"

We are the Arcturians. It is wholly understandable that many people are speaking of DNA at this time. Particularly, when there are perceptual barriers to understanding the true nature of the ascension process, the subject of DNA returns. What we want to say to you is this: those of you who are already experiencing the ascension process are becoming bridges across dimensions; those of you who have not yet consciously entered the ascension stream will become bridges across dimensions. In third density existence it is not your DNA which is responsible for your vibration, your consciousness or your ability to be love – and we would advise cautiously against all attempts to genetically modify the divine. Please take heart in the knowledge that ascension does not require special keys and that you are not lacking in any way, for as we have stated before the ascension stream is available to all humanity at this time without exceptions and you are all divinity’s expression. Each one of you already walks in source, there is no other way to walk but in source, source is the path and the origin and the destination and the dream of it all in motion. Increase your connection to source energy and you will find that any concerns you may still have about DNA will take care of themselves.

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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Arcturians 05 July 2011

We have been asked: “Do the Arcturians remember their own human self, if they ever had one?”

This is a very good question, it is a great pleasure to answer because it makes our communication easier with you. We all filter consciousness, let us start with that. We are all making our own movies, independently, at the same time. There’s so many movies being made and they’re all running simultaneously and intersecting! In those movies, for ours are not so different to yours, we can engage emotionally with different aspects of ourselves, but not remember those lives exactly as they were lived. Like you, we are continually evolving, and so we cannot engage with you exactly in the same manner as one human self engages with another. We do not remember exactly how it is to experience reality the way you do, we always have to be careful in approximating it because your movies are so diverse!

Monday, 4 July 2011

Arcturians on Ascension

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

The winner this week was Sherry. Sherry asked: 

“Are we to ascend to higher ground while the Earth undergoes its changes of the poles shifting and the various cataclysms, e.g. floods, volcanoes and whatever else: then will we come back down to a new Earth - and how do I know if I can ascend or not?”

Here is the reply from the Arcturians:

“Let us look at what ascension really is. Ascension is not an event that will happen on a certain date. Ascension is a process, a journey in. For each individual it is happening differently, at a different intensity and speed, but no-one on Earth at this time is unable to make the journey. The journey is a decision, it operates on the principle of free will. Mostly, what people are referencing when they talk about ascension is the decision of an individual to continue on a vibratory journey once that individual has reached a state of clarity about all things being One. Ascension is not something that starts or ends suddenly, so for this reason it is unrelated to the kinds of events you have described. Ascension is a state of consciousness that is always in expansion. It is the ever-increasing intention to live in unconditional love.”

Friday, 1 July 2011

Heart Coherence

A lot has been coming up recently about the heart and coherence. Some people say that love is the vibration of coherence. Recent medical studies have suggested that there may be a zero point field or vortex ring in the left ventricle of the heart. Others speak of the heart as the gateway to other dimensions ...

All this led me a project at - There's a page with free tools which "incorporate your body's own heart intelligence and capacity for self-healing".

They say: "Heart coherence is a healthful and optimal state for your immune system, cognitive function, communication, creativity, intuition and more."