Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Arcturians 05 July 2011

We have been asked: “Do the Arcturians remember their own human self, if they ever had one?”

This is a very good question, it is a great pleasure to answer because it makes our communication easier with you. We all filter consciousness, let us start with that. We are all making our own movies, independently, at the same time. There’s so many movies being made and they’re all running simultaneously and intersecting! In those movies, for ours are not so different to yours, we can engage emotionally with different aspects of ourselves, but not remember those lives exactly as they were lived. Like you, we are continually evolving, and so we cannot engage with you exactly in the same manner as one human self engages with another. We do not remember exactly how it is to experience reality the way you do, we always have to be careful in approximating it because your movies are so diverse!