Sunday, 10 July 2011

Message from the Arcturians, 10 July 2011

We are the Arcturians. We meet you in your heartspace now and ask that you rest a while.

There is so much, so much information at this time. More information than you have ever had available to you before. There is a deluge of information – sometimes we think of it in this way!

No information is wrong information, it all gets you closer to the truth of your own truth in some way. And part of that truth is that you know your own truth already – because when you know truth you are recognizing how it resonates!

Be kinder, gentler with yourselves! Go with the vibration!

If you are resonating with the truth when you recognize it then you know the truth already, do you see?!

Where inside you is that truth, where is it located? Everywhere! And everywhere outside too. It is everywhere. It is everything in existence!

Follow the vibration of truth when you feel it, follow your intuition. Focus on the feeling and it will increase. The feeling will magnetically attract the information, do you see?! Information does have the potential to deluge you if you allow it (laughter) whereas living in the vibration automatically attracts the information most necessary to you at that moment. Continually!

We are the Arcturians, working with you here on a higher vibrational frequency than your eyes can see, we are meeting with you across dimensions, many of you are becoming bridges across dimensions. As you bridge to the fifth dimension you are becoming radiant! Your radiance is wonderful to see! 

Through 10 July 2011