Sunday, 17 July 2011

Arcturians: The Tipping Point of Transcendence

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

The winner this week was Tania. Tania asked:

“Is there going to be a redistribution of wealth on the planet (in 2011) by the governments, giving everyone an equal amount of money?”

We are the Arcturians. Thank you for this question. We would like to answer by saying that it would only be through expansion of consciousness on a planetary scale that such an action would be possible or effective. Planetary economic harmony by its very nature is not a condition that can be superimposed; any intervention from outside the Earth plane would not be in accordance with either the principle of free will or the other divine principles. Therefore progression towards an harmonic planetary economy in balance with the needs of all its participants will necessarily be at the rate at which planetary consciousness expands. By this we also mean the rate at which individual consciousness expands, because each individual who is finding their consciousness expanding is contributing to a subtly networked expansion in planetary consciousness.

There is a point in the evolution of planetary consciousness where motivations of service-to-self are automatically overridden by motivations of service-to-others with such frequency that Oneness – the continual experience of Oneness – is not only everyday reality, but the reverse is impossible. You could call this the tipping point of transcendence. As the tipping point of transcendence approaches, so will planetary economic harmony naturally arise.