Monday, 25 July 2011

Arcturians on Service-to-Others

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

This week’s winner was Faiza. Faiza asked:

"How can I establish communication with you and other higher vibrational beings so that I may learn to be more connected with source and be of service to not only humans but all beings?"

We are the Arcturians and we want to thank you for asking us this question, which allows us to answer in two parts.

The motivation of service-to-others is one of the most important subjects on which we can speak. If it were possible, at this very moment, to exchange every act of service-to-self currently being initiated for one of service-to-others the result would be an immediate evolutionary leap forward for humanity and consequently its stewardship of Earth. By saying this, we wish to draw attention to the difference between acts of service-to-others and the motivation which causes them. Everything stems from its motivation, the intent which brings it into being. In the example we have given, intent is the real engine of rapid evolutionary growth, not the individual acts of service, which are the results. So, the first part of our answer is to encourage you to focus on the motivation of service-to-others, and not simply in thought or as a series of thoughts. What we really want to ask you to consider is to try to feel your thoughts.

By feeling your thoughts, by learning to recognize the different vibrations that accompany focused meditation on thoughts of Love, Joy and Gratitude, for example, it will follow that your natural sensitivity to all physical vibration is increased. In the beginning, as you invite in feelings of Love, Joy and Gratitude, ask yourself which vibration is the highest? Which is the easiest to feel? Where in your body is the most sensitive location? Start to feel the differences in vibration of Love, Joy and Gratitude on a daily basis if you can and as your sensitivity adjusts you will notice that your capacity to attract and hold these vibrations is increased. Expand in this way and you will also start to notice the subtleties of your rediscovered sensitivity in all situations, not only meditation.

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