Monday, 4 July 2011

Arcturians on Ascension

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

The winner this week was Sherry. Sherry asked: 

“Are we to ascend to higher ground while the Earth undergoes its changes of the poles shifting and the various cataclysms, e.g. floods, volcanoes and whatever else: then will we come back down to a new Earth - and how do I know if I can ascend or not?”

Here is the reply from the Arcturians:

“Let us look at what ascension really is. Ascension is not an event that will happen on a certain date. Ascension is a process, a journey in. For each individual it is happening differently, at a different intensity and speed, but no-one on Earth at this time is unable to make the journey. The journey is a decision, it operates on the principle of free will. Mostly, what people are referencing when they talk about ascension is the decision of an individual to continue on a vibratory journey once that individual has reached a state of clarity about all things being One. Ascension is not something that starts or ends suddenly, so for this reason it is unrelated to the kinds of events you have described. Ascension is a state of consciousness that is always in expansion. It is the ever-increasing intention to live in unconditional love.”