Monday, 11 July 2011

Arcturians on Niburu

Each week the Arcturians answer a question submitted free through our website.

The winner this week was Milan. Milan asked:

"I am truly conflicted at the prospect of going to college at the moment. With all of the changes ramping up (Nibiru, etc) is it still wise to continue with school and the like? Or seek another path?”

We are the Arcturians. Thank you for this question. We understand that there is much conflicting information circulating at present, so we want to use this opportunity to speak clearly on the subject of Niburu and other perceived threats to the stability of your planetary ecosystem. Earth has been around a long time – and will survive a long time more! Earth is in no more immediate danger now than it has ever been from objects travelling towards it from outside its atmospheric system, the only exception to this comes from objects outside of its atmospheric system which have been placed there by the free will of Earth’s nations in the past. Will Earth survive through the period of Niburu, 2012 and the other scenarios which are circulating now?

Yes, we say to you that it will and that the shift into experiencing higher dimensions of existence which many of you are conscious of at this time is actually a shift which is full of great beauty! Consider for a moment that the fifth-dimensional Earth is already in existence, and that this has always been the case. Fifth-dimensional Earth is not something which is being created now! All dimensions have always coexisted! What is happening at this time is that many of you are asking questions about this coexistence which can only ever be resolved by releasing fear. You alone must choose to release your own layers of fear in order to reexperience yourself as you really are – in wonder! Releasing fear always, always results in expansion. So we say to you, whatever choice you make please make it the one that you believe gives you the greatest opportunity to expand!

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