Friday, 8 July 2011

Arcturians on DNA

"I have heard that I will not be able to ascend fully until my DNA has been repaired. Is this true?"

We are the Arcturians. It is wholly understandable that many people are speaking of DNA at this time. Particularly, when there are perceptual barriers to understanding the true nature of the ascension process, the subject of DNA returns. What we want to say to you is this: those of you who are already experiencing the ascension process are becoming bridges across dimensions; those of you who have not yet consciously entered the ascension stream will become bridges across dimensions. In third density existence it is not your DNA which is responsible for your vibration, your consciousness or your ability to be love – and we would advise cautiously against all attempts to genetically modify the divine. Please take heart in the knowledge that ascension does not require special keys and that you are not lacking in any way, for as we have stated before the ascension stream is available to all humanity at this time without exceptions and you are all divinity’s expression. Each one of you already walks in source, there is no other way to walk but in source, source is the path and the origin and the destination and the dream of it all in motion. Increase your connection to source energy and you will find that any concerns you may still have about DNA will take care of themselves.

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