Thursday, 30 June 2011

Interview with, Part 3

Part 3: (continued from yesterday)

What is your opinion of organizations like the Galactic Federation of Light, the Star Council, etc?

If these organizations are spreading a love-based, positive message that increases the frequency of this planet, then that’s great. I don’t really know much about them. I think it comes down to the clarity of the individual channel. I’m definitely not the only one channeling the Arcturians at the moment, and there are all kinds of ways the energy can be channeled. It can be channeled into everything. Many people are channeling the Arcturian energy without even knowing it.

What is your experience of the Arcturians as a group consciousness?

I think what this means is the Arcturians can tune in with each other on particular frequencies or wavebands, or whatever the equivalent of those terms is in the fifth dimension. It’s a group dynamic, and the groups on particular frequencies can change size and membership. That’s the closest I can put it in words. This is a big part of the problem, imagining the fifth dimension.

How do you imagine the fifth dimension?

There were some Carl Sagan videos up on YouTube which were quite helpful in the beginning. Sagan talks about the fourth dimension being perpendicular to the third. But when you start looking at the structure of things higher than that, like Metatron’s cube, it gets really complicated. Looking at images of sacred geometry, both online, and with your eyes tight shut, and sun-blinking, can be helpful though. What I understand mainly is that it is a realm of purer access to the energetic qualities of light. And it’s the home of a different kind of physicality, a physicality more based on feeling.

Is time travel possible?

The Arcturians say this: “All possibilities exist at once. All possible permutations of reality are already there, waiting for you to choose them.” My interpretation of this is Yes, time travel is possible, but the problem then is changing our perspective on what time is. We’re really in the beginning stages of understanding this.

Do you get a lot of 11:11s or 333s?

I was really skeptical about this at first. I didn’t want to acknowledge it or believe it for a long time. But yes, I would say I get number strings more than 50% of the time, on clocks, the laptop, text messages, web posts, all kinds. We launched the website at 3:33.

Finally, what would you say to people who are skeptical about ETs?

I’d say, it’s fine to think about this as entertainment. I know a couple of years ago I would have! 

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