Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Interview with Ask-Aliens.com

Interview with Richard Martin, Administrator of Ask-Aliens.com

Part 1

You’ve just launched Ask-Aliens.com. What’s happening on your site?

We are offering direct communication with extra-terrestrial beings from the Arcturus system, the Arcturians. These beings are from a civilization far in advance of our own and they have an extremely positive message for all humanity at this time. On 23 May 2011 the Arcturians asked me to start work on the first of what will be a series of initiatives to increase awareness of their work: Project 5000.

What is Project 5000?

This is an Arcturian idea: to build a database of knowledge about our existence in this universe which everyone can share. The Arcturians are offering us their wisdom and everyone now has the opportunity to ask them any question. Answers will be published on our website, where the online database will be hosted, and it is possible to participate for free.

Why are the Arcturians communicating with us like this at this time?

The truth is that they’ve always been in communication with us, it’s just happening now on a far wider scale. Edgar Cayce is perhaps the best-known example of a public channel, but there have been many who have channeled the Arcturian energy flow. Tesla, for example. It’s been building up for some time now through the work of Norma Milanovitch, David Miller and others, but what the Arcturians have been saying recently is that the time for metaphors is over.

You mean that much of what we have previously understood about the Arcturians is metaphorical?

Yes. That is what they have said. The metaphors have been necessary to get us to this point, we needed them to help evolve our understanding, but in the coming years the information they present to us will be less and less reliant on metaphorical descriptions because we will be understanding and more importantly feeling more.

There are certain vibrations that you feel?

Yes, it is definitely like that. And the vibrations change, go higher, as you progress along your journey and learn to hold frequencies which in the beginning can be quite overwhelming.

Can you tell us how the Arcturian vibration made you feel when you first experienced their presence?

It is a feeling of overwhelming love. More love than you have ever felt before, with the anticipation of more to come. It is life-changing, what happens. You see it in people’s eyes. It’s very difficult to put into words.

Have you experienced Arcturian contact in different parts of the world?

Yes. I’ve travelled a lot throughout Europe and Asia recently – and the contact is everywhere. Travel is not quite the same for the Arcturians as it is for us, they are not limited by space and time in the same way we are. I can assure you that they are here, that they are in communication with many in different ways, and large numbers of people are now waking up.

What do you say to people who are having a difficult awakening experience?

Stay with it. If you’re having an awakening it’s because you are ready. It may not feel like you are ready, physically, mentally, or spiritually, but you will know in a deep place inside yourself that you are. Many, many things are going to change, and it’s going to be a time of learning patience and learning to let go. This is a very important subject, which I want to say a little more about, since we are using the proceeds of Project 5000 to build a new Awakening and Retreat Centre. One of the problems right now is that there are very few places to go when you’re having a big spiritual awakening or kundalini experience. There’s very little support or real understanding of what is going on. For myself, I spent a long time living in Buddhist monasteries and was homeless for a while. Similar situation to Eckhart Tolle. There’s literally nothing out there if you’re in that situation and so it’s time to change that. With the Arcturians, we’re building the first in a series of these Awakening and Retreat Centres with the aim of assisting people through these times.

There’s a lot of fear and misinformation around the word “aliens”. And also a lot of fear around 2012. What do you say about that?

Part 2 of the interview with Richard Martin will be published here tomorrow.

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