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Interview with, Part 2

Interview with Richard Martin, Administrator of

Part 2 (continued from yesterday)

There’s a lot of fear and misinformation around the word “aliens”. And also a lot of fear around 2012. What do you say about that?

In some ways, the fear is understandable. If you go to the root of it, you can end up with a position like Stephen Hawking’s, which says be afraid of more highly evolved beings, because they are most likely going to be malevolent. That’s also been the message of a lot of science fiction. My experience has been quite different. While I am not saying that negatively-oriented beings don’t exist, it is clear to me that progression through the higher dimensions which beings like the Arcturians inhabit is dependent on vibration, and it is simply not possible to enter those dimensions without love. The way into those dimensions is through the heart.

My take on 2012 is that it’s become an industry, and the main way people are making money or getting power from that industry is spreading doom. 2012 is definitely not going to be the end. Far from it. You can see the period we are living through right now as the beginning. The planet is waking up. The joy vibration is increasing. A new reality is being made.

What should I do if I see a message, or interact with someone, that is fear-based?

Just acknowledge the negative orientation of the energy, and step out of its way. Don’t engage with it. Certainly don’t fight it. Fear exists to create more fear. Don’t let it have that opportunity. You are the one that’s in control of your own vibration. And whatever vibration you create, that’s what you attract.

How important is meditation in connecting with ETs?

This differs for different people. When I was training as a Buddhist monk, I came across other monks who had been meditating for 20 years and had experienced very little in the way of psychic activity or telepathy. I also met monks who had experienced a great deal when they were very young, when they didn’t know how to meditate properly. So it varies. In Buddhism, you would say that it depends on your parami, or past karma stored from previous lives. That’s one way to look at it. I don’t know the exact answer to why it varies. The Arcturians have said that what we understand as karma is interdimensional exchange. We need to find out more about that, and also more about the general way in which consciousness functions.

But meditation can be very, very useful in all sorts of ways. I would particularly recommend metta meditation, which is spreading loving kindness to all beings. This is a method of meditation which will teach you to generate love, and by generating higher amounts of love you will come to understand what love really is. So, if you feel drawn to meditation, practise it. Do it however you feel comfortable with, you don’t have to sit in full lotus.

What is the basic message of the Arcturians?

The message is love. It’s as simple as that. It’s the message of Jesus, without the religious structure. It’s the message of John Lennon. Here is an extract from a channeling that hasn’t been published yet:

 “Love is the basic reproduced element, love chooses to merge when it is expressed in its truest form. Love is. This is the most your science has told you and with good reason because there is no further expression. It is as though everyone who reads those words is waiting for something else, for extra words of explanation. But there are none. If there are extra words, they go in the middle, not at the end. Love just is. Rest in that place in the middle.”

What is your opinion of organizations like the Galactic Federation of Light, the Star Council, etc?

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